What's New at IPB

A New Gluer: What It Means To You

IPB is investing in the future and renewing our commitment to excellence with the recent acquisition of a state of the art Bobst Expertfold Folder-Gluer.

The Bobst Expertfold has the flexibility to run any job we can dream up, with the productivity, consistent accuracy and quality of product you need and expect from IPB.

IPB is the first in North America, to provide in-line Braille embossing and 100% Braille inspection with bar code verification preventing product mix and ensuring your cartons are perfect every time. Kevin Glanzmann, Gluing Area Leader explains: "Previously at IPB, Braille embossing was applied by the die-cutting department. By including the Braille attachment on the gluer, the Bobst Expertfold enables faster make-readys of Braille which means decreased tooling costs." A savings we can pass on to our customers.

bobst expertfoldThe vast majority of the cartons we produce today are destined for automatic filling lines, so ensuring accurate, reliable opening of your finished carton has never been more important. "The new Valco Glue System that will accompany the Expertfold has 100% inspection on the side seam glue pot as well as inspection cameras on the extruded glue guns to guarantee accurate glue quantity and proper placement which is all tied into the gluer ejector to ensure all rejected cartons are removed to maximize efficiencies on our customers' filling lines," says Brad Orchard, Production Technical Support.

The Bobst Expertfold allows us to continue to produce more than 3,000 different box styles, including 4 and 6 cornered designs. The new machine interfaces with all our existing quality assurance systems and ejects any non-conforming boxes without stopping production.

We are excited to add the Bobst Expertfold Gluer to our production line so we can continue to provide you with the best possible products and keep you at the forefront of packaging quality and design.