Ingersoll Paper Box produces the highest quality folding cartons with custom design solutions, structural and graphic design, using state of the art technology for printing, die cutting, embossing and folding/gluing. We create packaging for every industry: pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cannabis, food and beverage, cosmetic and beauty, software and electronics and consumer industries. We have been in business for over 100 years and we have earned an enviable reputation for our ability to meet our customers' needs for highly flexible production runs from as small as thousands to millions of cartons. 

Our dedication to continuous improvement and investment in state of the art technolgy allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality folding cartons backed up by exceptional personalized service. This combination of quality and service has helped us to build long term partnerships with many of our customers. The "Proof is in the Package," see for yourself.

Experts in Innovative Packaging For...


The pharmaceutical industry needs a packaging partner who can react quickly while still providing the highest quality packaging in compliance with industry regulation. Ingersoll Paper Box understands the tight deadlines associated with first-to-market product launches and we thrive on the challenge of a quick turnaround project.

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Food and Beverage

We understand the special packaging requirements of the food and beverage industry and have the necessary quality control procedures in place to ensure we deliver defect free, highest quality cartons on time, every time. 

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Paperboard packaging builds your brand, protects, and improves the way retail goods are displayed, promoted and attract attention on store shelves and ultimately to our homes.

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A continued commitment to reduce, reuse, & recycle every run.

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